An iota of classroom( scene-4,Ninety one )

This scene describes the complex feelings when he parts away from the person he used to hate .


We had become familiar with her ways.She was somewhat like a curious girl with good humour, just that she didn’t like anyone laughing in her class.She was much interested in interacting with students than teaching them.As my researches suggested, she was from a commerce background,her Mathematical skills should be good i thought.One day while she was busy wasting time or should say interacting with students, i went to her and asked her to solve some simple mathematical equations within her mind without telling me.Probably she was slower than i expected.The answer she was going to give would help me determine her age.She had her birthday a few days ago,i don’t know why but i was curious to find her actual age.After an eternity,she answered,“91”.Oh! You are 25,i replied.

After that incident,things changed for me a bit.Now unexpectedly,she had started to indulge in much more informal talks with me.I used to hate her attention.I used to hate her in aspects.

I never understood why but i realised that she looked better in winters than in summers, maybe it was due to her clothes,her newly modified curly hairs or because of her temporary spectacles.Something had changed or something was going to.During our second terminal examination,my friend even mistook her as somebody else,weird isn’t it?

Unlike me,she was punctual.She used to come early to class,obviously earlier than me.But surprisingly,one day,she was late.Even later than me she hadn’t appeared.Most of the students were waiting for her whereas some of them were saying that she has again been shifted to the junior side,i had heard a lot of rumours like those before and most of them ended up being wrong and internally i myself wanted this one to be wrong , i don’t know why.

Our class was well known for it’s view especially because the left side windows poured into the mouth of junior sections building and the right side ones into the middle.Seldom i used to think ,our class depicted the phase of life which we were going through where on the left hand side lied our blissful childhood that had lost and on the right was the free yet busy and harsh world which we were training for… why i used think so much ? I don’t know.

No sooner did the assembly of junior side began,all the students started to peep through the left hand side windows.Then I saw what i had feared the most,the same young girl standing in the aisle created by the rows of kids.This sight was accompanied by the background voice of our physical education teacher saying,”Come on boys!Your class is already late for the assembly. “

An iota of classroom ( scene-3 ,Thank you )

The teacher’s kind behaviour makes the student rearrange his previously developed perceptions for her.

Sports had never been my thing but in contrary to others , i am neither good at art,music ,dancing ,studies or writing . Specifically a zero .Life screws everybody, now it was my turn .The cultural fest was coming near ,this year i thought of doing something , at least something ! I thought a bit and then decided to take part in essay writing competition . The only intention of taking part in that competition was to get an authentic reason to bunk the zero period while the practices of the cultural fest were going .Not much boys looked interested in taking part in the essay writing competition so the selections were easy . Who loves to write ?

After the cultural fest was over , it was time for the sports day to come but before the sports day cross country was going to be held .This year ,unlike a lazy rogue , i applied to take part . My parents and my brother were shocked to hear this decision , they laughed ,made fun of me as usual and were almost successful in demotivating me . I don’t know why i feel bad when they insult me , i should have become accustomed to all this by now.

On the day of race i woke up early by myself , as my dad had told me the previous day that he won’t take me for the race if i don’t wake up by myself.

The race began .From the starting till the end , i was finding it hard to cope up with my friends .Breath by breath i was loosing control over my weight less body .I was trying to throw my body in front , in the best possible way i could . Finally , tyranny ends. I reached back the school, when some of the boys had left but i knew my dad was going to be late as usual . First of all, i drank water or can say filled my body again , i was heavy again with all that burden , wish i never returned . I sat on the cemented benches of junior side , under the shed of those two ancient Indian lilac tress accompanied by the scent of the approaching winter season and yet disturbed by the voice of one of my acquaintance whose parents were late to pick him up.

After he left , i went to sit on my perfect spot , that was the cemented bench in front my class .Parents and teacher meeting was also organised that day after the marathon, our principal doesn’t like wasting a minute .

After some time , i felt that i had been sitting there since quite a long time as i noticed that my class teacher walked into the class . She sat by the desk and started some corrections in the notebooks .I noticed some kids of junior side , wandering in the middle sections building , entered my class . They touched the feet of my class teacher and started talking to her . She might have told them to do some work as i observed that they were lingering on the aisle between the rows. After some time ,they left and i thought of going inside and so i did.

As i entered , she handed me over a bunch of keys and told me take out a folder from the cupboard. I went to the cupboard and started trying all the keys to find which one fits perfectly in the lock.Finally, i found it . I gave her folder and sat on the desk, just in front of hers. She continued her corrections and i continued looking at her , she wasn’t really beautiful but somewhere i knew that she had a good heart.After a while , she asked,”Who is coming to take you ?” and i told her . She then said ,” It is quite late ,you should call and ask when will he be coming .He doesn’t even know that you are here in the class” .I was not habitual to such kindness ,usually whenever i used to ask people for mobile phone , they used to make excuses and send me away so i never usually made calls from school as i knew he was going to be late . So at first i rejected her offer but then my actions didn’t support my words . I made the call , thanked her and sat again. I flashed a bright smile at her for a while and she blushed a little as well, then i left.

After some days the results of the essay writing competition were announced and as expected, i lost .

An iota of classroom ( scene- 2, Talking to me?)

Most of the time in the story the subject remains confused and try to understand things and so is his mind always remains in commotion .

Our new class teacher was trying to take the charge of the class .During zero period she always used to talk to the monitor to get an idea about the obligations that were to be done in the class.One day our monitor told her that the class needed a person who can stay in class during interval and take care of it.She rolled her vision to look for the right student for this job .I was sitting on the last seat of the fourth row , I don’t know why but her she chose me . ” Stand up “, she said . ‘Why me ?’, i thought . She asked my name and i told . ” Do you have any problem in taking up this duty ?” , she inquired.I did’t want to reject her offer in front of the whole class so i quietly went to her and whispered ” Sorry mam but i can’t do this”. ” And why you can’t do this ?” . ” I don’t want to stand at the door during interval ” . ” OK GO”

Most the students were shocked at my reaction on her proposal .’How can he answer a teacher like that?’ , ‘What give him so much courage ?’ , they prattled behind me. I was confused that why do we consider it absurd to answer someone truly , it costs nothing and is the best way to reveal the real you , just if you want to .

That incident left a mark about my personality on her , obviously why would it not? nobody might have answered her like this before .The impact of my answer could be seen in class .It is about that afternoon when she was taking English lessons .Between the lessons she stopped teaching,pointed at me and said “stand up” and further continued “You look smart but you don’t take initiative” .After that statement by her ,my mind went in a mixed state of happiness because she called me smart probably she was the first and last girl to say so and also confusion because i did not understand the meaning of “Initiative” .So i asked, ” What sort of initiative are you talking about?” . She said rather forcing herself ,”Help in the class and all that ….” Still i didn’t understand but the period got over .

Few days after , again the exact same thing happened . She said the same ,i asked the same but this time her answer was a bit elaborated . ” I will say take initiative and then you will ask what sort of initiative and this cycle will go on .I want you to help the class and take initiative that is all” . I was never into this activity of running around the class for no cause or reason , i hate dancing . By that time i had started to hate that word “Initiative” .With that word i had started to hate her a little as well .My conversations with her had become irritating those days .Its been two years since then but still i don’t know the meaning of that word .

The sad part is that ,now i can’t even ask her .

An iota of classroom ( scene -1 ,the walk in)

This story is about a middle aged teenager and his interactions with a teacher and about the experiences that changed him for lifetime .

Talking ,chattering ,shouting ;All the students were standing in small clusters in front of that corridor of the middle sections building .On that humid Monday morning in the month of September ,we all were discussing about our interaction with our marks and expected anger of our parents .”No matter how much better we maybe than others,our parents will always compare us with those who are far above us ” ,my friend said. “This is the the story of each one of us” ; i quoted as well.

The cage like iron door between the junior and the middle sections building was open. Students were passing through that door ,the assembly bell was yet to ring. I had come early that day ,of course why should i not have come early? I was coming by van nowadays otherwise whenever my dad used to drop me ,i was always late.Many teachers know my name just because of this reason .

Chattering continued for a while .Nothing new was expected by us .Same old ,newly employed teacher was late again .Leaves were falling over our pale uniforms .I was sitting under the shed on my reserved spot ,in front of the corridor of my class and beside the enter gate of the middle sections ,perfect spot, isn’t it ?

I was surrounded by my club of acquaintance.I keep rolling my vision while talking,what if i find something interesting.A teacher from junior side entered through that gate .It was not new to us , we often used to see teachers moving from junior to senior side in order to meet the principal .I looked at her for a while and noticed that she is going to enter my class , i insisted my friends to come with me into the class to find out what the matter was .

We entered our class,just after she had and found a tall ,bright ,young maiden addressing the students .She permitted us to come in and continued saying… “Some of you might know me and some might not ,well you all will come to know me very soon as from now i am going to be your New class teacher . Now give me your attendance and make line for the assembly.” It was the 7th time in this secession that our class teacher was changed , we had become accustomed with that system of coming and going of teachers .She was lady who looked somewhat like a person with plane face and high intellect .

“Let us for how long she can lead this class ” , my friend said while going for the assembly. I smiled .I was unknown about the fact that she was going to be a person of great influence in my life.