An iota of classroom ( scene -1 ,the walk in)

This story is about a middle aged teenager and his interactions with a teacher and about the experiences that changed him for lifetime .


Talking ,chattering ,shouting ;All the students were standing in small clusters in front of that corridor of the middle sections building .On that humid Monday morning in the month of September ,we all were discussing about our interaction with our marks and expected anger of our parents .”No matter how much better we maybe than others,our parents will always compare us with those who are far above us ” ,my friend said. “This is the the story of each one of us” ; i quoted as well.

The cage like iron door between the junior and the middle sections building was open. Students were passing through that door ,the assembly bell was yet to ring. I had come early that day ,of course why should i not have come early? I was coming by van nowadays otherwise whenever my dad used to drop me ,i was always late.Many teachers know my name just because of this reason .

Chattering continued for a while .Nothing new was expected by us .Same old ,newly employed teacher was late again .Leaves were falling over our pale uniforms .I was sitting under the shed on my reserved spot ,in front of the corridor of my class and beside the enter gate of the middle sections ,perfect spot, isn’t it ?

I was surrounded by my club of acquaintance.I keep rolling my vision while talking,what if i find something interesting.A teacher from junior side entered through that gate .It was not new to us , we often used to see teachers moving from junior to senior side in order to meet the principal .I looked at her for a while and noticed that she is going to enter my class , i insisted my friends to come with me into the class to find out what the matter was .

We entered our class,just after she had and found a tall ,bright ,young maiden addressing the students .She permitted us to come in and continued saying… “Some of you might know me and some might not ,well you all will come to know me very soon as from now i am going to be your New class teacher . Now give me your attendance and make line for the assembly.” It was the 7th time in this secession that our class teacher was changed , we had become accustomed with that system of coming and going of teachers .She was lady who looked somewhat like a person with plane face and high intellect .

“Let us for how long she can lead this class ” , my friend said while going for the assembly. I smiled .I was unknown about the fact that she was going to be a person of great influence in my life.

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