The Rich Woman


She sat down at the edge of the stretched corridor, facing the morning sun on that pale winter morning. She had a lot of unchecked answer scripts waiting upon her to be checked. The sun rays fell on every part of that corridor and then left it vacant. This gradual displacement of the sun made her realise that she needs a break. She kept her work aside and started to fumble through her bag and discovered that she hasn’t brought her lunch that day like most other days. She thought of going to a nearby restaurant rather borrowing food from her acquaintance. She chose a restaurant which was at a walking distance. It took her few minutes to reach the destination. She entered the restaurant and was presented with the menu. The sight of menu always disguised her. She ordered the only thing she could afford at that time and forever; a plain sandwich. She had a craving for a cup of coffee as well but her remuneration prevented her from ordering one. Sitting at the other corner of the restaurant, a young man ceaselessly observed her gestures. He continued his observation and finally gathered up courage and went to her table. “How are you mam? Do you remember me?”, he inquired with curiosity and a smile on his face. She blew out of water at the sight of him but recognised him steadily. “How can I forget my naughtiest student?”, she addressed him with yet another smile. Few minutes of conversation made her realise that her lessons had enlightened the students exactly the way she wanted to. How successful and rich have they all become! A mere thought of this was enough to illuminate her face with a smile on the way back to school. This is how a poor lamenting teacher returned back with a coronet on her head.


9 thoughts on “The Rich Woman

  1. Thanks Chinmay for likes. True ! Teachers are the least paid in our country. They work for children not for salary. The respect by their students means a lot.
    Heart touching story
    Ms Arora 💕💕


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