Sacred Miseries


With her wrist attaining the warmth from a holy presence, a smile on her face and her beautiful red dress fluttering on the beach side, she said,”Yes.”

Few moments later, they both found themselves sitting on their strandkorbs, surrounded by sun, sand, sea and silence. This silence was different from the one that had occupied this propitious woman seven years. The phase of seven years back was indelible from the story of her life.

She was sitting on a bench, trying to find her fault, regretting about the sin she had committed by getting out of her house at that devilish hour. The new moon was the only witness of her innocence and the midnight wolf the witness of her humid lashes. The devils had been assassinated but their felony had dismantled that maidens hour glass forever. Unexpectedly, an arm started to linger over her right shoulder but something more mysterious about that touch was the presence of positive vibes in it. ” Who is this garbage man who has dared to touch this corpse?”, she thought. When she turned, she smoked out a young man with black coloured spectacles and a pleasant look on his face. She had almost thought of stretching her hand at him but a connection with the wisp of the cold winter breeze brought her back to senses and prevailed her from doing so. The boy invited himself to occupy the either side of the bench and said,” The newspaper has provided with all the miseries of your life but I want to feel them from your words.” These words from an unexpected stranger were enough to provoke her from spilling all that she had preserved for centuries. Resolutions were taken, thoughts were imparted and while he was on the periphery of leaving her with a smile, she provided him with a key to her life, her number.

She blew out of water when she discovered herself on that beach side with morning sunshine pouring on her eyes and all this was accompanied by the rhymes of the sweetest voice saying,” Wake Up! Wake Up!, We have a long way to go now.”


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