A Beggar


Ouch! What is this thing like devils nail in this poor boy’s dwelling? Should I do away with it? but can i? rather I should accompany my darkness and tell my acquaintance to help me with this. I am totally dependent upon him for all my basic household stuff. Sometimes I feel remorseful to depend upon someone to this extent. My guilt is often accompanied by a feeling of reverence for those who assist me. I think everyone on this planet is assisted by these kind lords.

Today or maybe yesterday, when I held my dad’s hand , i discovered a suspicious piece of paper. He then transferred that paper to one of the kind lords. I kept my other hand on the lord’s face and discovered that he was happy. I was incognizant about this alien object. Out of anxiety, I asked my dad about the significance of that paper. He introduced that paper as ‘Money’ and told me that it is of great importance in today’s world. I failed to understand how can a piece of paper delight somebody. This counts to one of those infinite that i have failed to understand about today’s world.

The best contour of our dwelling is the area beyond my confinement. Though I have often heard indecent sounds, I think that nobody lives in the nearby locality that is why i had never felt the physical existence of any mortals in that area. I love to stretch my feet sitting on the ground where the tiny projections try to penetrate through my porous skin, like hobbit’s sword. But the weather is not always favourable for me cherish that sensation of pleasure. Sometimes an alien ray starts burning my skin whereas on the other days an incredulous mist starts to freeze my dark world. At this point of time it is perfect. Neither the sun is supplying fire like Prometheus nor the chills are horrifying like baphomet.

I don’t feel anyone in this world is poorer than me. I believe that light is the most sane that anyone can beg from mortals. This darkness has possessed me and now i don’t think that any locksmith can open the handcuffs that have confined me in this feeble body.


3 thoughts on “A Beggar

  1. A lovely piece Chinmay. It has elements ofRumi. I think he would agree, especially with the last paragraph and sentence.
    I wonder if our “feeble body,” is so feeble as to bludgeon our ignorance further until we seek the light.💕


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