An Unwanted Gift

“Ya dad I’ll come to meet you if possible.”, she replied. “Saloni, my daughter, I miss you. Bye. Have a good day!” and the call ended. It was 8 o’ clock in the morning and she was getting ready for her work.

She worked as a pathologist in a reputed hospital. She had toiled all through her youth to become a successful doctor and prove herself. Her father who always taunted her as child and make her realise about her worthlessness was also proud of her but never directly told it to her. As a teenager she remained neglected and depressed first due to grief of her dead mother that had ingrained within her and secondly due to the psychological enlightenment given to her about her worthlessness.

It was a bright summer morning. She had her breakfast after getting ready and left for the hospital. She chose to take a longer route that day. On the way lied the beach with sand that was gilded by the sunlight. Above the horizon were visible few dull patches of clouds that manifested the impending monsoon. She drove off the road beside the beach enjoying the view accompanied by classical jazz music that played in her car.

She reached the office on time, gave her attendance and sat down in her cabin to finalise the reports of a 28 year old whose body she had dissected the previous day. After several hours of work, at 2 in the afternoon, she went out of her cabin to have lunch in the cafeteria of the hospital. The cafeteria was on the 3rd floor and unfortunately the lift had not been working since past 2 days. She thought, “This maintenance staff is so irresponsible.”, while she walked across the corridors and stairs. When she passed the operation theatre and discovered that somebody was being operated. It was quite unusual for her as she knew that doctors usually didn’t operate during lunch time unless there was an emergency. A nurse was standing beside the door of the room. “Any emergency case?”, she asked the nurse. “Yes ma’am, this man inside was hit by a car. Though the ambulance brought him quickly to the hospital, the doctors say that there are hardly any chances of his survival”, the nurse elaborated.

While they were conversing, the doctors came out with disappointment on their faces. “We tried hard but couldn’t heal him”, one of the doctors said with grief. “Doctor Saloni, a brief case was found beside him. Check inside if anything can be found that will help in identifying him. Also make his autopsy report before you leave today.”, he added.

She was impatient to open the brief case. She skipped her lunch and told the ward boy to break the lock of the case. She carefully opened the archaic looking case and saw a pair of dull looking clothes, some business cards, a comb, and a wallet. When was about to open the wallet, her eyes went to a peculiar corner of the brief case where lay a beautifully wrapped box with a note. She read it hesitatingly, “My dear daughter, I am keeping this box at the threshold of your house. I know you are busy with work so I won’t disturb you. I remember you asked for this watch when you were 15 year old but I refused because you did’t get marks that year. I just want to apologise for humiliating you so much as a child. I am proud of you and will always be. I hope you forgive me. -With love your dad.

She then opened the wallet and found something that sent a chill through her spine, a beautiful picture of herself kept in the first pocket of the wallet. The negative vibes had started to make themselves felt. She quickly rushed into the operation theatre and found something she never wanted to see with her mortalĀ  eyes. Her father lay on dead on the hospital bed covered with a shroud. Her countenance turned pale and she came to her knees as this sight reached her eyes. “Oh God! Why me again?”, she cried with pain. Something had broken within her and was causing unbearable pain but no doctor surrounding her had the medicine to cure it.





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